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Childrens Dentist Victoria TX

Purpose of the Teeth:

Healthy and strong teeth are required to breakdown food into smaller particles to facilitate digestion. Also, healthy teeth complements the general health of a person. An individual receives two sets of teeth in his or her life. The first set by around two years of age called primary teeth or milk teeth or temporary teeth or deciduous teeth, and the second set by around 13 years called secondary or permanent teeth.

Naturally, teeth are designed in an orderly fashion contributing to an attractive smile. However, some have defects in their teeth arrangement such as crookedness, distortion or irregular spacing between the teeth. These conditions not only affect the normal mastication, but also the facial appearance. Taking care of children’s dentition is very important because the permanent teeth eruption depends on how well the primary teeth are aligned.

Childrens Dentist Victoria TX:

Children’s dentition differ from that of adults’ teeth in the fact that, at one stage, they have mixed types of teeth simultaneously, some deciduous teeth and some permanent teeth. Deciduous teeth gradually fall from children’s mouth one by one, starting by around six years of age to facilitate permanent teeth permanent teeth eruption. At some point during childhood, permanent teeth start erupting before all the milk teeth fall, constituting a mixture. Thus, to treat children’s teeth, a dentist furthers his education by undergoing a speciality in dentistry called kids Dentist or simply children’s dentist.

The following are the major Children’s dentistry treatments offered by Aligator Dental Practice in Victoria, TX.

1) Tooth extraction
2) Root canal treatment
3) Early orthodontics
4) Fluoride treatment
5) Dental sealants
6) Dental crowns

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