Pediatric Dentist


Pediatric Dentist Victoria TX

Children are the most precious part of a family and their smiles brighten up the everyday life of parents. The oral health of children plays a vital role on their physical and mental growth. A baby gets its first tooth during the age 4 months – 1 year. Right from that moment, through the time when children loose their milk teeth (by 6 to 7 years of age), to adolescence, the dental health of children influences their habits, which in turn affects the development of their physical and mental personality.

Pediatric Dentist is a person who checks the oral health of children and teenagers. Primary teeth of children are much sensitive than permanent teeth, which grows when the child is 6-7 years of age. The food habits of children and teenagers, the sensitivity and anxiety levels of children towards dental treatments and the typical nature of their teeth, makes pediatric dentistry a unique branch in Victoria TX.

A pediatric Dentist is a person who checks the health of children’s teeth, and guides parents on hygienic habits and healthy diet for their children. Detecting the possibilities of caries, spreading awareness on preventive measures that need to be taken to avoid diseases, and conducting periodic checks on status of gums are few essential functions of a pediatric dentist, which ensures good oral health of children.

At our dental practice in Victoria TX, we offer special attention for children’s dental care. We make sure that the child is relaxed and comfortable on the dentist’s chair. We are committed to educating parents about importance of child dental care. Teenagers have different food habits and their dental problems have both oral health and social image concerns. Such dental problems require specific treatment methods. Our pediatricians are specialized in delivering the right dental care for all the categories of Pediatric Dentist which include children, teenagers and young people with special needs.