1. 5 Bite-Sized Tips for Kids – from the AAPD

    The lazy-days of summer are here!  As fun as summer is often kids get out of their good brushing habits when their routines change.  The AAPD has put together 5 Bite-Sized Tips to help get kids excited about oral care.  Click on the link to see their great ideas! Mouth Mosters: 5 Bite Sized Tips …Read More

  2. Choosing the Right Toothbrush for Your Young Child

    If you’re a first time parent, or it’s been awhile since you had to buy a toothbrush for a child, you might not be sure where to start. Some people mistakenly think that kids can use the same type of toothbrush as teens or adults. However, to ensure proper oral hygiene and comfort, it is essential for your child to be using an age-appropriate toothbrush and the pediatric dentists at Alligator…Read More

  3. The low-down on the AAPD – By Dr. Al

    Every profession has an organization that supports and gives them a voice. For Pediatric Dentists our organization is the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, or the AAPD.   It is separate but works in conjunction with the American Dental Association, which is one of the most powerful organized health care groups in the world. The central function of the AAPD is to provide guidelines and po…Read More

  4. What to Expect at Your Child’s First Appointment

    If you’re a first-time parent, it can be challenging to learn and navigate the various doctor appointments for your infant child. If you count just the recommended pediatrician visits alone, you can expect to take your child to the doctor at least six times in the first year of his or her life. Add unexpected ear aches and colds and that number can double. Knowing this, it’s not surprising th…Read More

  5. Would You Rather: Have Bright Blue Hair or Bright Blue Feet?

    We asked the Alligator Dental doctors if they would rather have Bright Blue Hair or Bright Blue Feet.  They had some fun answers!         Dr. Al votes for bright blue HAIR!  "Because right now my hair is invisible!" Dr. Matthew agrees - bright blue HAIR would be awesome! Dr. Hole votes for bright blue FEET "So I could look like Sully!" What would your child choose?…Read More

  6. Multivitamins for Kids Dental Health

    Vitamins and minerals are, as we have discussed before, crucial for the development of your child’s bones and joints, especially when it comes to their teeth. Kids are known to be picky eaters, and while there are numerous foods that can supply the important nutrients they need to grow big and strong and have exceptionally healthy teeth, your kid’s dental care can run into certain roadblocks.…Read More

  7. Do Kids Get Dry Socket? – By Dr. Al

    This question comes up from time to time in the office and the true answer is NO – and thank goodness! Those who have had dry socket before knows how painful it can be! The biggest reason kids don’t get dry socket is the speed in which they heal. Dry socket generally occurs when the blood clot is lost in the socket before healing can really start. Healing in children can start in as little as…Read More

  8. Vitamins for Strong Teeth

    Eating and drinking are an important part of everyday life, allowing us to get the important vitamins and minerals our bodies need. There are so many vitamins we require, but some of them are especially important for the health of your pearly whites. Children and adults can all benefit from more vitamins in their diets, and parents are sure to instill this in their youngsters. Today, the Valley L…Read More

  9. More Dental Know Hows and Habits for Kids

    As your kids get older, they’ll have to start doing things for themselves. You can’t be in the room every morning and night to make sure they don’t walk past their toothbrush. Instead, you have to go out of your way to make good oral hygiene a habitual part of your youngster’s daily routine. Apart from setting a good example for them, it is important to make sure that these habits and cus…Read More