1. Frequently Asked Questions About Teething

    As a parent, there are many developmental milestones that you look forward to celebrating with your child. From their first steps to their first words, there are many events to anticipate as your child grows. Another milestone that many parents eagerly await is the appearance of their child’s first tooth. When that first pearly white pops through, many parents have questions, and in today’s bl…Read More

  2. Would You Rather…with the Alligator Dental Doctors!

    This week we asked Alligator Dental Doctors the question: Would You Rather Hold a Snake or Kiss a Jellyfish 2 of 3 voted for kissing a jellyfish! Dr. Al said, “Pucker up buttercup, snakes are the only thing in the world that scare me.” Dr. Sarah agrees! She says to bring on the jellyfish kisses! Dr. Anas said he would rather hold a snake than risk kissing a jellyfish that never brushed their t…Read More

  3. A Day of Dental Health – by the AAPD

    Help Todd achieve Teeth Success in this cute quiz from the AAPD.  Kids can take this visually interactive quiz to see if they are on their 'A' game when it comes to daily dental care.  Click here to check it out!…Read More

  4. Oh Those Texas Allergies! – By Dr. Al

    The Spring, Summer and Fall can be crazy times of year for Texans and their allergies. Some Texas children and adults have severe allergies that require constant prescription medication. However, most people self-medicate with over the counter medications for the mild to moderate symptom. What many don’t know Is that one of the most common side effects from these allergy medications is dry mouth…Read More

  5. Dispelling Dental Anxiety in Kids

    Parents frequently ask our doctors and staff how they can help their children be less anxious about going to the dentist. No matter whether it’s for a routine cleaning or for a more involved procedure, many children experience fear when coming to the dentist. This can make it challenging to make sure they get the care they need when they need it and it can also impact how they feel about getting…Read More

  6. A Playlist for Kids Teeth!

    With school starting the morning rush may not leave much time for brushing teeth.  Adding a little beat to the bathroom could jazz up the routine a bit - and ensure those teeth get sparkling clean before heading out the door.  Check out this family-friendly playlist of toothbrushing tunes provided by the American Dental Association: Best Toothbrushing Tunes for Kids Happy brushing - and have a …Read More

  7. Sealants – Invisible Protection for Your Teeth! – by Dr. Al

    Sealants are a clear, plastic material that is painted onto the teeth and then hardened with a cool blue light. Once hardened, sealants help protect the grooved and pitted surfaces on teeth. They help keep chewing surfaces cavity free! How they work: Even the best brusher can have a tough time cleaning the tiny grooves on their teeth. Sealants ‘seal out’ food and plaque and reduce the risk of …Read More

  8. 3 Things to Look for in a Dentist

    When you’re a parent, the health of your child’s smile is of the utmost importance. When your child has a healthy and bright smile, he or she is more confident and experiences better health overall. Finding the right dentist for your kids can be challenging, though, and some parents might not know which qualities set one dentist apart from another. In today’s blog, we’ll review a few tips …Read More