1. Tips for Parents – By the AAPD

    Did you know that tooth decay can start as early as age 1? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has created a super helpful chart for parents to help avoid tooth decay for children of all ages.  The chart is sectioned into ages birth-2 years old, 2-5 years old and school aged children.  Click here to download the full chart and learn new ways to keep your child cavity free!…Read More

  2. Shark Teeth – By Dr. Danny

    One of the most common emergency questions we get from a worried parent is in regards to Shark Teeth. We love knowing that our parents are super concerned about their child’s teeth! The good news is that Shark Teeth are fairly common, and most of the time they are no big deal. How Shark Teeth happen: Permanent (adult) teeth usually begin to erupt (come in) between the ages of 5-7 years old. Thes…Read More

  3. Is Your Little One Teething? Follow This Advice From Our Pediatric Dentists

    Whether it’s your firstborn dealing with teething discomfort or your fourth child, the process of growing in baby teeth can prove to be quite the ordeal. Some children suffer from serious discomfort along the gums while others experience almost no pain at all. Every baby is different, but if you’re currently trying to help your little one with their teething pain, it can help to find fast reli…Read More

  4. Halloween Tips – By Dr. Mai

    Halloween is coming up!  I'd like to send some tips for protecting your child (and their teeth!) on this fun holiday. Have fun, but be safe! Trick or Treating was a great childhood memory for me. Ensure safety by bringing along a flashlight and wear reflectors on costumes to increase visibility. Candy and sweets are ok, in moderation.  Set limits to how much and what types of candy your child ca…Read More

  5. Beware the Mouth Monsters this Halloween: By the AAPD

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists knows all that Halloween candy can lead to a spike in dental decay.  They offer a some great advice on how to watch out for ghosts, goblins and the Mouth Monsters this year!  Tips include choosing more tooth-friendly treats from the candy stash.  Click here to check it out!…Read More

  6. Braces 101: Keeping Teeth Healthy – By Dr. Shah

    This is a topic very close to me. When I was 14, I finally got my braces off! Unfortunately, due to my lack of oral hygiene and diet, I had developed generalized decay in between my teeth that led to having a lot of fillings, crowns, root canals and eventual extractions. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Here are some tips for great tooth care while in braces: Rinsing & Brushing – 3-4 tim…Read More

  7. Save That Tooth! – by Dr. Al

    I spoke with our staff recently to reaffirm the age old tradition of what happens if your child, or someone else's child, gets a tooth knocked out...what do you do? The chances of your child having their tooth knocked out are almost zero.  However, with our children being increasingly involved in various physical activities the chances of you being present when another child has a tooth knocked o…Read More