1. Did You Know – by the AAPD

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists has created some great Did You Know tip posters for parents.  We love this one!  The best way to treat a cavity is to STOP it before it starts!  Sealants are a great preventative measure, and most times they are covered 100% by insurance.  Make sure to ask your awesome Alligator Dental doctor if sealants are right for your child. Click here to see oth…Read More

  2. Common Pediatric Dentistry Questions

    When you are a first-time parent, it is natural to have questions about your child’s dental health. Relying on a knowledgeable pediatric dentist is the best way to get the helpful tips and information you need to ensure that your child’s smile is healthy and bright. At Alligator Dental, we are proud to be a Top Rated Local® dentist in San Marcos, and if you have questions about caring for you…Read More

  3. Straight Talk About Braces Intervention – By Dr. Myriam

    Several parents become concerned that their child’s teeth appear crooked, flared or on top of each other. As children receive their adult teeth their mouth can get pretty crowded. This is especially true for pre-teens & teens! However, there is GOOD NEWS! (Happy Dance) Alligator Dental provides early orthodontic treatment that can help children avoid braces – or minimize the amount of corr…Read More

  4. My Child Chipped a Tooth — Now What?

    Many parents will experience a certain level of panic when their child suffers some kind of dental emergency. At Alligator Dental, we have found that knowledge is a powerful tool in reducing the anxiety that can be caused by these situations. Chipped and cracked teeth are common dental concerns for children, and if you are in need of a pediatric dentist in Seguin, then we would love to help if you…Read More

  5. Does My Teen Need a Whitening Toothpaste? – By Dr. Randi

    Teens often become self-conscious about their teeth.  They are surrounded by media that shows  pearly white teeth as being 'the norm'.  However, this is far from normal!  Adult teeth are naturally more yellow than those creamy white baby teeth.  The tooth is made up of an under layer of dentin (yellow) covered by a outer layer of enamel (white).  The dentin in adult teeth has a stronger yell…Read More

  6. When Will My Child’s Teeth Come In? – Little Teeth Truths from the AAPD

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) tackles some frequently asked questions about baby teeth coming in.  Parents often ask what the time line is for new teeth coming in and are often a bit concerned if their child has no teeth by their first birthday.  While there is a general time line for new teeth - children tend to follow their own schedules!  Click here to read more from the…Read More

  7. What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

    When searching for a dentist in Seguin, you may wonder if it is really necessary to take your child to a pediatric dentist versus someone who provides general dentistry. A typical dentist will likely provide the basic services that your child needs, however, the dentist may not be skilled in all areas of pediatric dental care. So, what exactly does a pediatric dentist do? We are glad you asked! In…Read More

  8. Diluting Juice – Better for Teeth? – By Dr. Sarah

    True or False: Diluting juice with water will reduce the risk of cavities, making it better for teeth. There is a common misconception that diluting juice with water is a good thing and a way to lesson the risk of cavities. Unfortunately, this is FALSE. Diluting juice with water does not change the sugar content of the juice. The same amount of sugar remains in the cup, and it’s the sugar that c…Read More