A Special Place for our Friends with Special Needs!

Alligator Dental is a special place for children (and adults) with special needs.   Pediatric dentists receive an additional two years of training with a significant component and focus on providing dental care for children with special health needs. Children with special health needs can include those with sensory issues, ADHD, Autism, Downs Syndrome – to name just a few.

Dental visits can be intimidating for anyone, but can be especially stressful for children with special needs, and their parents. The children can become overwhelmed and have an adverse reaction to the stress they feel. We recognize this and also understand that parents of special needs children may not have oral hygiene at the top of their priority list, especially if there are a lot of other issues they are facing. The most important factor is to remember that prevention is key. Seek dental health early on in the child’s life and stay consistent and positive in your approach.

As pediatric dentists we understand that:

  1. Each child and situation is unique
  2. Most special needs children will need desensitization and a consistent approach (i.e. same room, same doctor, same assistant)
  3. Diets may be limited and high in sugar content
  4. Some special needs children may not be able to brush or floss by themselves
  5. Children may have oral aversions and sensory issues in terms of taste and texture
  6. Parents are the experts on what accommodations their child needs! We encourage you to give us your input as to what will make your child’s visit most successful – let us know special music or movies they like to watch and bring along a toy or object that may comfort or soothe them
  7. If any dental treatment is needed we may need to explore sedation or sleep dentistry options.
Dr. Adeel Khan