It seems every Christmas this little song goes round and round in my head.  We have lots of kids hoping to get that second front tooth out at the holidays so they can sing along!  The good news is that if that tooth is nice and loose they may be able to coax it out by Christmas and guarantee a visit by both Santa and the Tooth Fairy!

Here are some quick and easy tips to get that wiggly front tooth out (and any other loose teeth too):

  • Push it out!  Pushing against a loose tooth with your finger or tongue several times a day will help it make a grand exit.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  This is a fun quote that can actually apply in the case of a loose tooth.  In many cases simply biting into an harder food, like an apple, can take that loose tooth right on out of your mouth.
  • Wiggle away!  Use a tissue or some gauze to wiggle it free.  For a very loose tooth hanging on by a thread use tissue paper for an easy removal.
  • Let it fall out naturally.  While not as exciting, most baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own.

We hope all of our patients have a very fun Christmas!  (and those stubborn front teeth fall out just in time for you to sing along to this catchy Christmas song!)

Dr. Al Burns