Back to School brings back to sports for kids. Sports camps are already in full swing preparing young athletes to complete at their highest ability. Protective gear is essential to minimize sports injuries, with a mouth guard being one of the most important. It’s a great idea to get kids used to wearing a mouth guard at an early age – so it becomes just another part of their uniform! Read below for advice on choosing the right mouth guard and tips to keep it clean and strong.


1 – Ready Made – not a great fit, but will provide protection.

2 – Boil & Bite – better option as molds a bit to child’s mouth.

3 – Customized – best fit & protection. Made by a dental professional to perfectly fit child’s mouth.

Function – Mouth guards should:

  • Be thick enough (4mm) to protect against impact
  • Fit snug & comfortable
  • Be odorless & tasteless
  • Allow normal breathing & swallowing
  • Allow normal speech


  • Rinse before each use and brush with non-abrasive toothpaste after use
  • Clean occasionally with soapy water, making sure to rinse thoroughly
  • Carry in a container with vents
  • Avoid leaving in sun or hot water

As a child’s mouth changes and grows they may outgrow their mouth guard. I encourage children to bring their mouth guard along to their dental appointment so we can ensure it still fits properly.

Dr. Anas Hakimeh