Sugar is everywhere! Especially with Holiday leftovers! The New Year is a great time to start fresh and resolve to combat sugar and it’s damaging effect on little teeth.

The key to success is to set limits.

How often and when a child consumes sugar is as important as how much they consume. When a parent limits the frequency and duration of sugar exposure for their child they are one step closer to winning the war!

5 Simple steps to limit sugar:

  1. Sippy Cups: Fill with water only. Children shouldn’t sip on sugary drinks. If you give your child beverages other than water serve them in a regular cup. If you do choose to use a sippy cup give limits to how quickly they need to finish the drink, then take the cup away.
  2. Bed Time: Don’t allow a child to go to sleep with a bottle of milk. Milk contains natural sugars that can weaken teeth. If your child uses a bottle in bed it should be filled only with water.
  3. Juice: Children 1-6 years of age should only consume 4-6 oz. of fruit juice per day. The best way to serve juice is in a regular cup as part of a meal or snack.
  4. Candy: Limit candy consumption. Sucking on candy extends exposure to sugar. Brush teeth after consuming candy.
  5. Brush & Floss!: Have your child floss daily & brush after meals and snacks.