Ever wonder if you’re brushing your teeth correctly?! I know, silly right? You just slap on that toothpaste, scrub and you’re done. Nope! Not so fast. There are actually specific techniques you should use when brushing your teeth.

  • Surfaces – Brush ALL surfaces of your teeth. Back, front & biting. Use a circular motion.
  • Placement – Put half of the brush on your gums and half on your tooth. Use gentle circular motions all along the gum line. Do this for the back side by your tongue and roof of mouth too!
  • Hold – Hold the toothbrush very lightly. Someone should be able to swipe the toothbrush right out of your hand!
  • No rinsing! A dentist secret is when you are done spit – but DO NOT RINSE! The toothpaste has all these fantastic vitamins inside that make your teeth strong. If you rinse with water you are rinsing all the good stuff off. So spit, as many times as you like, and wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything. This should be before bed.

There you have it – Now you are a pro! You can head into the Christmas holidays with healthy teeth that sparkle and shine!

Happy Brushing!

Dr. Randi Polster