There is a myth circulating regarding babies and teething.  I would like to share some good news!

MYTH: Teething can make a baby sick.

FACT: Although you may have heard that teething causes diarrhea, fever and a whole host of other problems research shows that the symptoms of teething are actually quite mild.  Common symptoms/signs of teething include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Gum irritation/rubbing
  • Low grade fever (less than 101F)
  • Chewing or biting on everything within reach
  • Increased irritability
  • Rash on outside of mouth

Parents may mistake numerous unrelated symptoms of illness as a symptom of teething.  If baby’s fever is accompanied by cough, runny nose, ear pain or anything else out of the ordinary it is important to know these symptoms are NOT caused by teething.  If your baby has significant signs of sickness it is important to contact your pediatrician.

With that cleared up – I have some more good news about teething!

Though parents cannot completely stop the pain process of teething for a baby, there are ways to ease their discomfort:

  • Chewing on a clean, wet washcloth
  • Gum massage (with clean hands!)
  • Chilled teething ring – ensure toy is sanitized between use and never frozen
  • Over-the-counter pain relief – NOT Orajel as this is linked to toxicities in the blood

Best of luck to our parents and sweet babies who are in the teething years!

Dr. Sarah Seversen