chapped-lips-dr-adeel_01Tis the Season for Chapped Lips

In the winter months it is very common for kids to get dry, cracked and chapped lips. Some children also start to suck on their lower lips or lick their lips excessively, which leaves a visible red mark. Since children tend to moisten their dry lips with their saliva this leads to a red, irritated area that can get pretty sore! Not only does this look and feel tender, it can be an area where bacteria and fungus can live and grow.

Follow these tips to battle Chapped Lips

1. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated helps keep those lips moist from the inside out.Parents may also consider using a humidifier in the house.

2. Stay away from petroleum based products. These products cover the skin and can cause bacteria and germs to fester below them.

3. Avoid products with irritants and allergens. Products with chemicals or artificial scents may encourage children to lick their lips even more.

4. Use Lanolin based products. Lanolin promotes healing and provides better protection to those sore lips.

Excessive chapped lips or lip sucking can lead to cheilitis or dermatitis and in some cases lead to swelling and infection. If that happens make sure to call us at Alligator Dental so we can get your child on the path to healthy, happy lips!