Many of us know a family who has a special needs child. There is something special about the parents of a special needs child. They face challenges many of us cannot even imagine. Some of the finest people I know are the parents of special needs children and some of my favorite patients are their kids. They see the world and life for what really matters.

One of the great challenges for these families is finding a place that will take care of the dental needs of their child. At Alligator Dental we see hundreds of children, and even adults of all ages, with all types of special needs. We have advanced training in managing their dental and behavioral needs. We help shape these wonderful children and adults into great dental patients and ensure they have quality dental health despite the challenges they may face

As pediatric dentists we understand:

  1. Each child and situation is unique.
  2. Many special needs children will need desensitization and a consistent approach (same room, same doctor, same assistant, etc.).
  3. Special needs children may have oral aversions and sensory issues in terms of taste and texture.
  4. Parents know their child best! We welcome input on how to make your child’s visit successful. Please mention the needs of your child when you schedule an appointment and provide ongoing feedback on what is working and insight on adjustments we can make for the needs of your child.

If you have a friend or know someone with a special needs child of any age, please don’t hesitate to recommend Alligator Dental. We would love to meet them and will accept their child and their entire family with expertise and open arms!

Dr. Al Burns