The actual name of laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide and for a small amount of people it does cause them to laugh for a while.

Nitrous Oxide has been around for over 100 years and is still used all across the country. It is the safest and quickest gas anesthetic available and works really well in children. So how does it make you laugh? Once inhaled Nitrous Oxide goes into your blood stream like oxygen and then makes its way to your brain where it begins to affect nerve receptors. These receptors then trigger you to feel happy, carefree, relaxed, weightless and even like laughing. Once turned off the gas quickly rushes out of the body and generally all effects wear off completely in a few minutes.

It is important to keep in mind that each person can have a different reaction to Nitrous Oxide. While the vast majority of patients experience the positive reactions listed above, on occasion
Nitrous Oxide can cause nausea and in rare circumstances has an opposite effect where patients can feel tension rather than relaxed. This is not common and we monitor each patient closely to ensure they are experiencing a positive response to the gas before proceeding.

Nitrous Oxide is a great way to help your kids feel a little braver and even happy as they get dental care completed.