Teens often become self-conscious about their teeth.  They are surrounded by media that shows  pearly white teeth as being ‘the norm’.  However, this is far from normal!  Adult teeth are naturally more yellow than those creamy white baby teeth.  The tooth is made up of an under layer of dentin (yellow) covered by a outer layer of enamel (white).  The dentin in adult teeth has a stronger yellow color that allows it to show through the white enamel.

So the question becomes: Will whitening toothpaste help with this yellowish color?

The answer is: No.

Whitening toothpaste contains polishing abrasives that can improve tooth appearance for surface stains only.  If your teen is not prone to surface staining it is better to use a gentle toothpaste – without whitening agents – such as Pronamel by Sensodyne.  Protecting the enamel and keeping it strong will help give your teen a whiter smile.

Dr. Randi Polster