Halloween is coming up!  I’d like to send some tips for protecting your child (and their teeth!) on this fun holiday.

  1. Have fun, but be safe! Trick or Treating was a great childhood memory for me. Ensure safety by bringing along a flashlight and wear reflectors on costumes to increase visibility.
  2. Candy and sweets are ok, in moderation.  Set limits to how much and what types of candy your child can have.  You may need to hide/store the extra treats for later. In my family, the kids are allowed to pick out their 10-15 favorite pieces or candies and the rest are donated. Click here to check out Treats for Troops and find a drop off site near you.
  3. Make sure brushing is done on Halloween night!  After all of the fun and treats, kids may be tired and want to head to bed. It is extra important to brush and floss on this treat filled night!  Supervising your child’s brushing is the best, so they don’t miss hard to reach areas in the back.
  4. Some treats are better for teeth than others!  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) shares treats that are better for teeth, and those to avoid on their helpful Mouth Monsters sorting chart.  It is a great tool to review with your child to help them understand how different treats can affect their teeth.

I hope your family has a Happy Halloween!

Dr. Mai Luk