grindingdr_img1Picture this…

Mom sitting by her little boy in the dental chair. She looks at doctor with big eyes and says: My child grinds their teeth and it is so loud!

Is this your story? This is something we see daily at Alligator Dental. Not to worry! In fact, as the song says…

grindingdr_img2Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Grinding is very common in children, especially at night. Almost 100% of children grind at some point but some do more than others. Most of the time this almost completely stops when your child gets their first adult molars at age 6-7. No treatment is necessary unless our child has pain on eating or waking up at night.

When this happens generally a few days of pain medication will help a lot. Our general rule is three doses of pain medicine a day for three days. If pain persists beyond this give us a call and we can troubleshoot it with you!

In the mean time it might be wise to invest in some earplugs, or some new headphones and turn the volume up.