Have you ever looked inside your child’s mouth and noticed two rows of teeth – like a shark? The good news is that Shark Teeth are completely normal and are not a dental emergency.

How do Shark Teeth happen?

Children typically start losing front baby teeth between ages 5-7 years old. This process begins when the permanent (adult) teeth start to erupt and push on the baby teeth, causing the baby teeth to become loose. Sometimes the adult tooth comes in behind the baby tooth before the baby tooth can fall out. These are called Shark Teeth. Shark Teeth occur most commonly with the lower front teeth.

What to do?

While kids may think Shark Teeth are super cool, parents are often concerned about how to fix them. Fortunately Shark Teeth generally do not require treatment. If the baby tooth is floppy and not causing discomfort, then the baby tooth will gradually get looser and fall out on its own. Once out, the adult tooth will eventually be pushed into its correct place by the tongue.

However, baby teeth can sometimes be stubborn and remain firmly in place as the adult teeth grow completely in. This can cause discomfort. In this case the baby tooth should be wiggled out by a dentist. Once the extraction is complete the tongue typically does its job to get the adult tooth gradually pushed into its proper place.

Dr. Poonam Shah