School is finally out for the summer, leaving kids and educators across San Marcos rejoicing and making plans for the fun summer months ahead. This time of year can be a busy time for many families, and sometimes, this can derail kids’ otherwise-healthy oral hygiene habits. At Alligator Dental, we want to do everything we can to ensure your child has a happy, healthy smile all year round. Check out our summer dental care tips below and then give our Gator Crew a call at 512-393-3500 today to schedule an appointment for your child!

Five Summer Dental Care Tips for Kids

Stick to the Routine

Between family vacations, fireworks, later-than-usual bedtimes, and mornings spent sleeping in, there are many opportunities for your children to fall out of practice with their normal dental care routine. Talk to your child about the importance of brushing and flossing before bed, no matter how late it is, and encourage them to brush their teeth in the morning, regardless of what time they wake up. If you are not going to be home when your child wakes up in the morning, a simple phone call or text might give them the reminder they need.

Keep a Dental Care Travel Kit

One of the best things about summertime is the new-found freedom that children have. They may spend several nights over at friends or visiting grandparents out of town, and when they do, it is important that they have access to the same dental care tools they have at home. Packing a dental care kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss will ensure they have what they need to properly clean their teeth no matter where they are at.

Stock a Healthy Kitchen

Because most parents don’t have the luxury of taking the summer months off of work to spend with their kids, many kids who are old enough will stay at home by themselves during the day. This can lead to increased snacking, and stocking your kitchen with healthy foods that are both delicious and beneficial for dental health, like fruits, veggies, and cheese, is a great way to help keep your kids on track this summer.

Be Prepared for Dental Emergencies

Warmer weather and longer days mean your kids will be extra active in the upcoming months. The chances of a dental emergency increase during the summer, and everything from a slip on the pool deck to a bike crash can lead to an oral injury. Keep an emergency dental care kit handy during the summer. The Academy of General Dentistry suggests that it should contain gauze, a handkerchief, a small container that has a lid, ibuprofen, and your dentist’s information.

Schedule the Back-to-School Checkup Early

There is no better time for a pediatric dental exam than the end of summer. This will allow your child to start the school year with a clean, healthy smile, and some schools may even require a back-to-school dental visit for incoming children. To avoid the early-and mid-August rush, it is always a good idea to plan ahead by contacting your San Marcos dentist early in the summer to make your child’s back-to-school dental care appointment.

Pediatric Dentist in San Marcos

Are you looking for a friendly dentist in San Marcos that you can trust to provide your child with the dental care they need to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of good oral health? Alligator Dental is here for all of your pediatric dental needs! From your child’s first checkup to emergency dental care, we do it all. We’d love to see your child before the end of summer for a routine exam and cleaning. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to speaking with you!