1. Enamel Hypoplasia – Colored Spots on Teeth – by Dr. Shah

    Enamel Hypoplasia is a condition where teeth have less enamel (the outer, white part of the tooth) than they should. This condition is common in both baby and permanent teeth.  It typically appears as white or yellow spots on a single tooth or several teeth and can vary in severity.  Enamel Hypoplasia in baby teeth is most common on the very back molars or the cuspids (the corner teeth).  In pe…Read More

  2. Highlighting Your Child’s Oral Health Needs From Birth to Age 5 – Part 2

    Proper oral care is important at every age, but when it comes to you and your child, it is even more essential to assist in developing the proper habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Failure to start on the right foot now may lead to concerns later on. According to the CDC, for example, 20% of children aged 5 to 11 years have at least one untreated, decayed tooth. Cavities can be prevented wit…Read More

  3. Athletic Mouth Guards – By Dr. Anas

    Back to School brings back to sports for kids. Sports camps are already in full swing preparing young athletes to complete at their highest ability. Protective gear is essential to minimize sports injuries, with a mouth guard being one of the most important. It’s a great idea to get kids used to wearing a mouth guard at an early age – so it becomes just another part of their uniform! Read belo…Read More

  4. Highlighting Your Child’s Oral Health Needs From Birth to Age 5 – Part 1

    Children of all ages must take proper care of their oral health to foster a lifetime of healthy smiles, but this learning process falls on the shoulders of the parents to provide the right support and guidance at the right time. You know that poor oral hygiene can lead to a lifetime of problems, which is why it is essential to follow the proper steps early on in life. Alligator Dental is dedicated…Read More

  5. Teething Tactics: Soothing Sore Baby Gums – By Dr. Shah

    I have seen a lot of infants/toddlers with teething necklaces at Alligator Dental.  I would like to share some thoughts about this... The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning discouraging the use of teething necklaces and bracelets due to risk of injury to the child.  Parents are also being urged to avoid over-the-counter teething products containing benzocaine, includi…Read More

  6. Sports Drinks, Sodas, Energy Drinks, and Your Child’s Smile

    Summertime is here, and many kids are out and about enjoying the sunny weather. If your kids are spending time at the swimming pool, the movie theater, or even the baseball diamond, there’s a high chance that they are consuming sports drinks. In addition to this worrisome drink, many kids also ramp up their consumption of sodas and energy drinks during the summer season. As a parent, it can fall…Read More

  7. State of Little Teeth – From the AAPD

    Did you know that almost 1/2 of children 6-11 and more than 1/2 of children 12-19 are affected by tooth decay - and that decay is 100% preventable?!?  Tooth decay compromises the health, development, and quality of life of children.  It can affect ability to eat and sleep, self-esteem, speech development and school performance.  Catching decay early, combined with solid dental habits, can slow …Read More

  8. Brushing Tips for Children on Autism Spectrum – by Dr. Anas

    Encouraging a child to brush their teeth can be a challenge for any parent. This can be especially true for a child who struggles with sensory processing. Below are some tips to help establish healthy brushing habits for children on the Autism Spectrum. Vocabulary is a building block to following directions and creating independence with brushing. Teach children the names of items (toothbrush, too…Read More