1. What advantage is there to taking your child to a Pediatric Dentist vs. a General Dentist?

    For a child the reason is obvious: a pediatric dentist office is FUN! It is packed with child friendly colors and activities to encourage children to enjoy their visit to the dentist – and want to come back again. The doctors and staff are expert in working with children and explain things on their level, which helps with both understanding and comfort. However, what really is the difference? A …Read More

  2. Tossing the Teeth Tablets

    This fall the FDA came out and recommended against the use of teething tablets stating they were an unsafe way to combat teething. Teething tablets are all natural supplements. Alligator Dental parents have been on both ends of the spectrum in their opinion of teething tablets: some swear by them and some say they are a waste of money. In the past Alligator Dental has only recommended them as a la…Read More

  3. Teething – Baby Tooth

    Teething: As told by a Baby Tooth Teething is a stressful time accompanied by tears and sleepless nights – for the child and parents! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists created a cute article sharing 5 things parents need to know about teething straight from the source – the little tooth! Check it out: http://mouthmonsters.mychildrensteeth.org/teething-as-told-by-a-babytooth/…Read More

  4. Halloween Leftovers…

    How to Handle the Halloween Leftovers Halloween may be over but if you are like many parents there is still a sizable bag of candy floating around your house. So what do you do with all that candy? Part of being a kid is getting candy at Halloween. Yes - That is coming from the Pediatric dentist! Truth is candy does not cause cavities nearly as much as constant soda, juice and milk consumption. Ho…Read More

  5. Chapped Lips!

    Tis the Season for Chapped Lips In the winter months it is very common for kids to get dry, cracked and chapped lips. Some children also start to suck on their lower lips or lick their lips excessively, which leaves a visible red mark. Since children tend to moisten their dry lips with their saliva this leads to a red, irritated area that can get pretty sore! Not only does this look and feel tende…Read More

  6. Tips for a cavity-free Halloween

    Tips for a cavity-free Halloween Some parents have a love-hate relationship with Halloween. We love the fun, festive atmosphere that makes our children so excited but we cringe when we think about the massive amounts of sugar associated with the parties and Trick-or-Treating. Ever wonder how a dentist would handle the Halloween sugar rush? First remember that going trick or treating is part of bei…Read More

  7. Spacer Time!

      So what happens to the adult teeth when a baby tooth falls out early? The adult tooth will just come in won’t it? Well, one of the major reasons for preserving baby teeth is that they guide the adult teeth into their proper place. When a baby tooth is lost early drifting (moving) of the surrounding baby and adult teeth is common. This could cause that ‘proper place’ to be crowded leaving …Read More

  8. Allergies vs. Healthy Teeth

    It's that time of year again when allergies are hitting. Many children suffer from allergies or asthma, the third most common medical diagnosis in children. How do allergies affect your teeth? Allergy and asthma medications (steroids and antihistamines) are often designed to dry out a child's mouth, sinuses and airway. Generally they are very effective and reduce many of the side effects from alle…Read More

  9. Halloween Combat Sweets ADA Posters

    Halloween is around the corner! Help kids remember to balance extra sweets with healthy eating and to keep their teeth extra clean. A fun reminder is to print out these cute posters from the American Dental Association and hang them in their room! Click here to print your own copy! Kids poster: http://www.ada.org/~/media/ADA/Public%20Programs/Files/NCDHM/NCDHM2016_YouthPoster_8,-d-,5x11_English.pd…Read More