1. Thumb Sucking

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists offers some great advice on helping an older child kick their thumb sucking habit. Check out their website for more information: http://mouthmonsters.mychildrensteeth.org/little-teeth-truths-is-thumbsuckinghurting-my-childs-teeth/…Read More

  2. Baby Teeth Placeholders

    So are baby teeth really that important? They do just fall out correct? It is actually very important to keep baby teeth healthy and cavity free. They serve three major purposes: 1- The health of baby teeth are the first indication of the health of the adult teeth. Cavities and infection from baby teeth will eventually affect adult teeth and cause them to have decay and problems if the baby teeth …Read More

  3. Amazing Kids – Thaddeus

    We love reading about kids who give of themselves to help others! Check out this story about 12-year-old Thaddeus who set up a nonprofit, the Heads Up Penny Foundation, to help encourage and reward kids in Tennessee for summer reading. Thaddeus had his first fundraiser at age 5 – raising $500 (with the help of his mom) to help children in need of cleft palate surgery through Smile Train. Since t…Read More

  4. Do People Get Extra Teeth

    I often get the question: “Do people get extra teeth?” They do all the time! I love extra teeth and talking about them and secretly wish I had one myself. The most common extra tooth is to have an extra wisdom tooth, which generally is removed when your wisdom teeth are removed. The second most common is to have an extra front tooth between your two front teeth called a Mesiodens, which looks …Read More