1. 5 Tips From Our Pediatric Dentist To Make Brushing Fun For Your Child

    The holidays are in full swing here in Texas, and many families are focused on the hustle and bustle of visiting loved ones, shopping, and otherwise being very busy. One priority that may be put on the backburner during this time is your child’s oral health. Proper dental hygiene is essential for growing children, and the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to chow down on unhealthy …Read More

  2. Give Thanks For Good Oral Health This Season With Our Pediatric Dentist!

    The candy-filled times of Halloween are gone, and Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! Texas families everywhere are making plans for the holidays, whether it consists of traveling across the country to meet with loved ones or hosting a small get-together at home. Many parents like to think of Thanksgiving as a time of wholesome, home-cooked foods. However, it’s important to remember that certain foo…Read More

  3. Stinky Candy Breath – By Dr. Anas

    Halloween has come and gone and for many that means a big bag of candy just waiting to be eaten.  This thought can make every cavity-conscious parent cringe and rightly so!  We are all pretty aware that an increase in candy correlates with an increase in potential cavities.  Did you know that same bag of candy can cause your child to have super stinky breath too?  Bad breath has a number of ca…Read More

  4. Need A Pediatric Dentist In Cibolo? Alligator Dental Is Happy To Open Our New Location!

    Finding a family dentist you can trust in Texas can prove to be a challenge. It seems like there are dozens of dental offices across Guadalupe County offering oral services, but how can you be sure that your child will enjoy the experience? Alligator Dental is happy to announce the opening of our new pediatric dentist’s office in Cibolo! For years, families from San Antonio to Austin have relied…Read More

  5. Get It Done By Year One – by the AAPD

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends establishing a dental home for children by their first birthday.  AAPD President Joe Castellano did a Q&A on why this is so beneficial to establishing a solid dental foundation for children.  He also discusses the importance of healthy snacks and being aware of tooth pain in these smallest little patients.  Click here to read Dr. Castell…Read More

  6. How to Avoid Halloween Dental Frights

    Halloween is just a few weeks away, and kids across the country are beginning to scout out their trick-or-treating routes. Delicious candy and sweet treats are synonymous with this holiday, but they can also spell trouble for your kiddo’s teeth. At Alligator Dental, we are here to make sure your child has a bright, happy smile, and in today’s post, our dentist in San Marcos will share helpful …Read More

  7. Don’t Get Tricked By Treats On Halloween! – By Dr. Mai

    Halloween is in the air!!! I love the cooler weather and excitement that accompanies this fun time of year. I also love a good scare – but I do not love the potential cavity-scare that comes from all the candy!   So here are some good tips to keep in mind to keep candy damage to a minimum. Sugar-free candy & gum with Xylitol - Bacteria that attack teeth feed on sugar! Gum and candy that ar…Read More

  8. Is It Time For Your Child to Visit the Dentist?

    Many parents understand the value of routine dental care for their children. Getting your child into the dentist on a regular basis promotes a lifetime of bright, healthy smiles, and it encourages your child to take responsibility for their dental hygiene. Aside from teeth cleanings every six months, there are a few reasons that you may need to make a dental appointment in San Marcos for your chil…Read More