1. Teething Tactics: Soothing Sore Baby Gums – By Dr. Shah

    I have seen a lot of infants/toddlers with teething necklaces at Alligator Dental.  I would like to share some thoughts about this... The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning discouraging the use of teething necklaces and bracelets due to risk of injury to the child.  Parents are also being urged to avoid over-the-counter teething products containing benzocaine, includi…Read More

  2. Sports Drinks, Sodas, Energy Drinks, and Your Child’s Smile

    Summertime is here, and many kids are out and about enjoying the sunny weather. If your kids are spending time at the swimming pool, the movie theater, or even the baseball diamond, there’s a high chance that they are consuming sports drinks. In addition to this worrisome drink, many kids also ramp up their consumption of sodas and energy drinks during the summer season. As a parent, it can fall…Read More

  3. State of Little Teeth – From the AAPD

    Did you know that almost 1/2 of children 6-11 and more than 1/2 of children 12-19 are affected by tooth decay - and that decay is 100% preventable?!?  Tooth decay compromises the health, development, and quality of life of children.  It can affect ability to eat and sleep, self-esteem, speech development and school performance.  Catching decay early, combined with solid dental habits, can slow …Read More

  4. Brushing Tips for Children on Autism Spectrum – by Dr. Anas

    Encouraging a child to brush their teeth can be a challenge for any parent. This can be especially true for a child who struggles with sensory processing. Below are some tips to help establish healthy brushing habits for children on the Autism Spectrum. Vocabulary is a building block to following directions and creating independence with brushing. Teach children the names of items (toothbrush, too…Read More

  5. Is This Your Child’s First Visit With Our Pediatric Dentists? Learn More Here!

    No child likes the idea of going to the dentist. From the idea of scary drills and sounds to unfriendly dentists and uncomfortable chairs, kids often form negative opinions about their family dentist before they visit for the first time. If now is the time to schedule your little one’s first appointment, or you are in need of a new pediatric dental specialist, Alligator Dental of Texas is here t…Read More

  6. Wisdom Teeth – Teething for TEENS! by Dr. Shah

    It’s a bit crazy to think of teens and teething – but that is exactly what happens to many teens and young adults between the ages of 17-25 when their Wisdom Teeth erupt! I’ll shed some light on those 3rd molars that occupy the darkest corners of our mouth. History: Ancient humans used wisdom teeth to grind up hard foods that were difficult to digest. Since cooked meals arrived, humans have …Read More

  7. Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Summer With Sealants

    Summertime is already upon us, and many kids are out soaking up the sunshine and play time. While increased time outside of school can be a grand time, many parents find it difficult to maintain and enforce proper oral care. Summer activities are also loaded with sugary snacks and beverages, creating a considerable challenge for parents. If you’re worried about your little one’s smile this sum…Read More