Halloween is just a few weeks away, and kids across the country are beginning to scout out their trick-or-treating routes. Delicious candy and sweet treats are synonymous with this holiday, but they can also spell trouble for your kiddo’s teeth. At Alligator Dental, we are here to make sure your child has a bright, happy smile, and in today’s post, our dentist in San Marcos will share helpful information to avoid dental concerns this October. Read on to learn more, and call our dental clinic with any questions!

Common Halloween Dental Concerns


All those sugary treats at school Halloween parties and after trick-or-treating can lead to disaster if proper oral hygiene is not maintained. It is always important to encourage proper brushing and flossing techniques, but it is especially important to be vigilant about this when your children are consuming more candy. Consider monitoring your child’s dental care routine, limiting the amount of candy consumed, and timing the consumption of candy wisely.

Broken Teeth

Parents often associate chipped and broken teeth with sports injuries, however, they can be quite common on Halloween as well. Your child may trip and fall if their Halloween costume is too long, or they may bite a hard piece of candy the wrong way. Being prepared for a dental emergency is always a good idea, and the best way to avoid an oral injury on Halloween is to ensure your child’s costume fits them properly and limit hard candy.

Best Halloween Candy for Teeth

Parents often ask us about the best types of Halloween candy. The amount of sugar and the length of time your child’s teeth are exposed to the sugar is important to consider. We find the best treats to be:

  • Dark chocolate. It has less sugar than milk chocolate and won’t stick to teeth.
  • Sugar-free gum. It increases saliva production, which naturally washes away sugar.
  • Sugar-free candy. It tastes as good as sugar-laden sweets, but is not as harmful.

Halloween Candies to Avoid

There are some candies that pose a greater dental health threat than others. These include:

  • Hard candy. This treat is often very sugary, and the hardness can crack and chip teeth.
  • Gummy candy. This will stick to your child’s teeth, resulting in lengthy sugar exposure.
  • Sour candy. This treat is usually very sugary, and it is more acidic than other candies.

Meet Our Dentist in San Marcos!

Whether your child needs a regular teeth cleaning, or if they have suffered some kind of dental emergency, Alligator Dental is here for you. Our dentist in San Marcos is happy to provide your child with a thorough exam and cleaning, as well as address any other dental care concerns you have. Make an appointment today!

Happy Halloween from Alligator Dental!