The new year is already here, and many stores are stocking their shelves with fun and festive candies to prepare for Valentine’s Day. This holiday is known for love and friendship, and for many kids, this can translate to an abundance of sugary treats. As a parent, you will be tasked with taking the right steps to ensure that your little one does not suffer from the unwanted effects of high sugar consumption, including plaque buildup and cavities. Texas families know the importance of proper oral care, and many turn to Alligator Dental for the best results.

Our pediatric dentists in San Marcos and Seguin strive to provide a fun, welcoming environment for children of all ages to enjoy getting their teeth cleaned. Alligator Dental provides a full range of amenities for toddlers, teens, and everyone in between. We are as invested in your child’s smile as you are, and want to do everything in our power to ensure that you are happy with the health of your little star’s smile.

Today, we’ll discuss a few tips that may prove useful when confronted with the influx of sugar after Valentine’s Day. Before your kid comes home with a backpack full of candy, be sure to impart some of these ideas to promote the best oral hygiene.

Consume Treats After Meals

One tip that many parents have not considered is when your their little one should consume sweets and treats. Much of the damage from candy comes from the long-standing presence of sugar and other unwanted elements, allowing enough time for bacteria to grow and increase the risk of developing cavities. We recommend taking the time to ensure your child drinks water after treats, but timing when the candy is eaten can prove beneficial. Alligator Dental recommends eating candy following a meal, as the saliva flow is heavier when compared to non-consumption periods. This extra saliva will help to displace the sugar present in your kid’s smile, reducing the potential damages. Snacking on sugar in between meals can be hazardous, as the acids will be allowed to remain along the gum line for hours.

Opt For Healthier Candies

Yes, we just said that. It’s important for parents across Texas to watch over what their little one eats over the holiday, as some candies are worse for your smile than others. We all know that chocolate can have a negative impact on your oral health, but choices such as sour candies can prove to be far worse. These nefarious treats are chalked full of malic and citric acids, both of which can seriously erode the enamel of your child’s healthy smile.

Alligator Dental is here to provide complete oral care for kids of all ages, and we’re invested in making sure your little one is proud of their smile for a lifetime. In order to minimize the concerns associated with the sugary frenzy known as Valentine’s Day. Two types of sweets that we suggest avoiding include:

  1. Hard candies — Baby teeth are meant to serve as useful chewing devices until they are replaced by sturdier ivories, but they can be prone to damage, especially when it comes to hard candy. If your little one loves this type of treat, be sure that they are giving the candy enough time to soften up before chewing. This can help to avoid any unwanted chips!
  2. Gummies — While delicious and easy to chew on, gummy candies tend to stick to your chewing surfaces. Washing your child’s mouth with water afterward may prove ineffective if they have sticky sugar along their gums and molars. Be sure to avoid these treats as often as possible, and if your little one has to consume them, follow up soon after with proper oral care!

Keep Brushing and Flossing Regularly

No matter your little one’s snacking preferences over Valentine’s Day, proper oral care is often the best approach for minimizing the damages resulting from sugary and sour candies. Dental hygiene is essential throughout your kid’s lifetime, as neglect can lead to a host of health concerns. Sugary films left behind by all manners of candy can erode the enamel of your kid’s smile and pave the way for future problems. Be sure to implement the right techniques and practices to help your little one understand the importance of brushing and flossing, especially after a heavy dose of sugar.

Now may be the perfect time to purchase a fun new toothbrush and exciting toothpaste to help your child get excited about proper oral hygiene. Getting him or her involved in regular brushing and flossing can help to avoid any unwanted problems in between visits to your local dentist!

Visit Alligator Dental

After the sweetness of the holiday ends, it can prove beneficial to seek out a local dental care clinic for your little one. Our pediatric dentists in San Marcos and Seguin are available to provide a fun, comfortable experience for children of all ages. We understand that going to the dentist to get a healthy smile can be intimidating, and our kids’ dental care ensures that patients of all ages across Texas get the right oral care. Your little one can play in our arcade, relax in the movie theater room, or play in the toddler area before being treated by our caring, compassionate staff members.

Call our Top Rated Local® kids’ dentists today to learn more about our clinic and how we approach oral hygiene. We’re focused on making proper dental care fun and exciting for kids, and will be happy to work with you and your little one to negate the fear associated with high candy consumption. Contact us today to learn more about our pediatric dental specialists, and be sure to schedule your little one’s appointment!