Having a child can be a wondrous experience, but one that comes with its own unique questions and concerns. When it comes to their new baby’s smile, many new parents are left with a variety of worries they haven’t had to consider since their own childhood. If you’re in need of guidance, our pediatric dentists in San Marcos and Seguin are here to help!

Alligator Dental is here to provide complete dental care for kids of all ages. From your little one’s first visit to their 18th birthday, our dentists are happy to provide a fun, welcoming environment to make oral health an exciting adventure.

If you’re on this post because you have questions about your baby’s teeth, be sure to read a few of our most frequently asked questions below before calling our office today!

When do baby teeth come in?

Your baby will have all 20 of their teeth present when they are born. Most parents will see teeth emerge between six months and one year of age. On average, children will flash a full smile by the time they are three years old. Typically, the front two teeth (central incisors) will erupt around six months, with the top incisors coming in soon after.

Children will begin to show the emergence of their smile from the central teeth outward, with the molars coming in last. It’s important to remember that every child is different, and your little one’s smile may form at a different pace. If you’re worried about your kid’s smile, feel free to contact our pediatric dentists in Seguin or San Marcos for guidance!

When do baby teeth fall out?

These temporary ivories will normally stick around until the age of six or seven. It can help to remember that your child’s teeth will typically fall out in the same order they grew in, with the central teeth going first and the molars holding out until the end. While it only took a couple of years for these teeth to come in, it can take roughly five years for all of the baby teeth to fall out.

Are there ways to soothe my teething baby?

Unfortunately for both babies and their tired parents, erupting teeth often cause soreness or tenderness along the gum line. Parents can help soothe this discomfort by offering massaging the gums with a clean finger, applying a cool spoon, or providing an appropriate teething ring. If the pain and discomfort persists, it may be smart to call your kid’s dental office!

Do I need to take care of my baby’s teeth?

Yes! Many parents consider their child’s teeth temporary, and therefore not important, but the close relationship between your little one’s smile and their overall health cannot be denied. Cavities can form just as they do on adult teeth, and the thinner structure of baby teeth allow for faster cavity growth. If left untreated, this cavity can become painful and lead to infection, which can cause serious concern for your little one’s safety!

Are baby teeth soft?

No. Your little one’s teeth are comprised of the same enamel and dentin combination of your own, creating a hard surface that can chew and resist cavities. However, keep in mind that the enamel on your baby’s teeth is thinner, and will require close attention to avoid cavities!

Is it ok for my baby to have gaps in their teeth?

While a smile with gaps can be alarming for parents, it should help to know that these gaps are actually a good thing! More spacing between teeth equates to less risk of cavities developing, and will allow more room for permanent teeth to come in.

When should I begin taking my baby to the dentist?

Once the first tooth comes in, it’s time to seek out kids’ dental care. Pediatric dentists recommend coming in by the child’s first birthday, to both check the oral health of their little patient and to offer parents helpful recommendations for proper oral care. It is also helpful to establish a comfortable relationship between your child and their pediatric dental specialist to avoid the fear and anxiety associated with going to the dental clinic.

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