The holidays are in full swing here in Texas, and many families are focused on the hustle and bustle of visiting loved ones, shopping, and otherwise being very busy. One priority that may be put on the backburner during this time is your child’s oral health. Proper dental hygiene is essential for growing children, and the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to chow down on unhealthy snacks. Beyond taking steps to minimize unhealthy holiday foods, you as the parent have the unique opportunity to introduce steps toward making kids’ dental care fun for your child, and our pediatric dental specialists are here to help!

Alligator Dental has proudly served as your trusted pediatric dentists in Seguin and San Marcos for years, and we now have a location open for Cibolo residents! Our caring and friendly team strives to put your little one at ease, relying on a variety of fun activities and colorful office elements to create a truly positive association with the dental office.

As parents ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be to convince children to brush and floss regularly. Today, we’ll discuss five simple tips that may have a big impact in your Texas home. When you’re ready to make an appointment with a kids’ dental care professional, be sure to contact us!

1 – Make Brushing a Family Activity

One way to promote sparkling smiles in the home is to get the whole gang involved. Children learn through imitation, and will place much more faith in activities that they see Mom or Dad doing. If you frequently tell your little one to floss and brush, but aren’t in the habit yourself, they will likely react with less enthusiasm. It can be a fun habit to get into, and one that will provide the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy habits.

There are numerous strategies available to make this time more fun. For example, you can give tips and techniques for the cleanest smiles and high-five your little star for doing a good job. Not only will this tip help your child take care of their teeth, it will also ensure that you are also brushing and flossing regularly!

2 – Purchase a Fun Toothbrush

Our pediatric dentists have noticed that children are much more eager to brush and floss if they are excited about their toothbrush. Investing in a colorful brush that matches your little one’s style can do much to make brushing time a fun activity instead of a daunting chore. Children’s toothbrushes come in many styles and colors, featuring fun characters and themes that your kiddo will love to use.

A smart way to ensure your child is brushing for the two minutes recommended by the ADA is to find a toothbrush with a timer. Many products are available that light up, make music, and provide a fun experience for kids to brush along to. If this isn’t the best choice for your child, you may elect to purchase a simple, colorful timer to use.

3 – Try an Exciting Toothpaste

One of the best ways to follow up on the momentum of buying a fun new toothbrush is to find the toothpaste to match. Children often do not enjoy the boring mint flavors utilized by many adults, but instead seek out sweet, delicious options. You can try a range of kid-specific flavors that are sweet, safe, and good for healthy smiles. Not sure which toothpaste to try? Contact our pediatric dentists for complete oral health advice!

4 – Introduce Rewards

While brushing for the sake of retrieving treats sounds counterintuitive, many parents have found success in creating a reward system. Family members who succeed in brushing and flossing every day of the week can be rewarded for their efforts, adding additional incentive if your little one isn’t feeling the excitement. Alligator Dental has seen a range of strategies deployed, including ticket entries for fun raffles, a calendar system to reward consistent efforts, and so on.

5 – Find a Fun Dentist

Going to a local pediatric dentist can seem like the end of the world for your child. That’s why we recommend capitalizing on the excitement generating for oral care by taking your little one into our dental offices in Seguin, San Marcos, or Cibolo for a fun and comfortable time. Our family dental care locations feature a play area for little ones, an arcade, and a movie theater room. By associating fun and positive experiences with kids’ dentistry, our team can help to create a lifetime of healthy dental hygiene habits. To top off the trip, you can surprise your child with a fun activity, such as mini-golf or a trip to his or her favorite park.

If you are ready to see the difference that Alligator Dental provides for smiling Texans, be sure to contact us today to schedule your little one’s appointment!