Much like their eating habits, children can be extremely choosy when it comes to their hygiene habits. We know all too well here at Alligator Dental that the kids in your life can be monsters if you even come close to their mouth or gums. They may be fine with brushing their teeth, especially if you give them a great tasting toothpaste, however, flossing is a whole other animal. Whether they are big on sticky candy or tend to get things like corn stuck in between their pearly whites, flossing is a highly important piece in the bigger picture of dental hygiene and tooth health. Sometimes, too, you may find your youngster faced with hypersensitive gums or have another condition where flossing is out of the question due to risk of bleeding or other ailment. If your youngster falls in this category, you cannot let them ignore flossing, but may be at a loss for an alternative. The Alligator Dental team are pros at helping parents and children find the best oral hygiene, and today we want to suggest some effective flossing supplements and alternatives to help out in times when flossing with traditional nylon might not cut it.

Water Flossers

Water flossers, also commonly referred to as water picks, are very similar to tools you will see at a professional dentist office. These dental hygiene tools utilize streams of water to help people, no matter their age, clean the hard to reach areas of their mouth and teeth without jamming nylon floss between their chompers. The water flossers are often called oral irrigators because that is exactly what they do. By shooting a stream of water into the mouth, the jet of liquid clears plaque and food remnants left between teeth, while also getting into those hard to reach spots you may not be able to get even with traditional floss. This is a great option for a quick and easy fix to rinse and floss in one move, and is similar to the rinsing tools you will see used in our pediatric dentist office. One of the few downfalls of water flossers is that it can get messy, with water splashing around, but the benefits and conveniences make water flossers a quality option for those looking for a flossing alternative.

Air Floss

Air floss is an option similar to water flossers, but obviously does not utilize as much liquid to take care of your dental health needs. Air flossers are a tool that utilizes a concentrated stream of air, combined with small micro droplets of water or, occasionally, mouthwash to clean in between teeth. If your youngster is getting braces early, air floss tools are invaluable for their dental health, as the focused streams of air can get under and around braces, as well as bridges, without much hassle on your teeth. In doing this, you may find that larger pieces of food stuck in-between teeth may pose more issue as the air floss may not be powerful enough to push them through. However, if you are looking for a nearly hassle-free option for your flossing alternative, air floss is hard to beat.

Are These Better than Traditional Flossing?

The question often arises: are water picks or air flossers better and more effective than traditional floss or handheld plastic flossers? This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on many situations. When it comes to issues of sensitive gums or diseases that prevent flossing from being effective, you can’t go wrong with something like a water flosser. However, it is easy to see that healthy teeth can benefit from an up close and personal cleaning that only flossing can provide. However, so long as oral hygiene is addressed and some form of flossing is occurring for your children, cavities will be much easier to avoid.

If you have questions about flossing, kids dental care, or need to schedule an appointment with a trusted pediatric dental group, book with the team at Alligator Dental. Our team is a family favorite in the Seguin and San Marcos area, and we have helped countless kids conquer their fear of the dentist and get on the road to life of healthy teeth. Give us a call to get your child in today and let them experience the Alligator Dental difference