Children have an inclination to shy away from the dentist. We understand, it can be weird to have someone poking around in your mouth with foreign tools. There are occasional bumps that may hurt, but all-in-all there is nothing to worry about. If your youngster gets somewhat nervous during the car ride to the dentist, we have some tips that can help you calm them down. The Alligator Dental team is here to make your child’s dental visit something they look forward to, and we hope we can make that a reality.

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Get Them Used to It Early

The dentist is a fairly regular and normal occurrence. Unlike other doctors, a visit to the dentist does not mean something is horribly wrong or you need a heavy procedure done. Rather, the dentist is often cosmetic work and checking in to ensure your oral hygiene habits are continuous in quality. If you take your kids to the dentist at a young age, they won’t have time to overthink or hear horror stories from other kids. Instead, they will be used to the idea of the dentist, and, if you are still living in the same area, they can become familiar with the dental team. Creating consistency in dentist visits will eliminate the potential stress and fear that kids may feel.

Remind Them of the Health Benefits

Sure, young kids probably don’t care or understand the need for being healthy, but old habits die hard. If you continually remind your youngsters that oral and dental health are crucial, they will believe it. When they are heading off to college (don’t cry, you’ve still got time), they won’t decide to throw away the toothbrush and instead wash their teeth with sugar every night. Continual visits to the dentist will continue to hammer down the necessity of oral upkeep and help your children know why those weird looking things keep poking around their gums.

Don’t Bring Up Any Negatives

Keeping morale high en route to the dentist is easier if there is no mention of the negatives. Saying anything about pain, shots, or cavities can be the end of the road, no matter how quickly you backtrack. Those words will stick in your youngster’s mind, after which they may block out any other words you have to say. Focus on the positives instead, such as the fun atmosphere and friendly staff that always has a smile when you and yours arrive.

Picking a New Toothbrush

If we’re all honest with ourselves, the best part of a dentist visit was picking out some new swag right before leaving. When your kiddo has the chance to pick out their new toothbrush (along with some other great toys), any pain or discomfort from the last 30 minutes will be forgotten. They get to pick out some new stuff, which will also encourage and remind them to brush their teeth that night. The excitement alone is worth the visit!

If your kids are worried about their next dental visit, the team at Alligator Dental is here to help. With us, your kids will feel comfortable and even excited to get their teeth checked out. If you are in the San Marcos or Seguin area, give us a call to set up your child’s next appointment today!