The candy-filled times of Halloween are gone, and Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! Texas families everywhere are making plans for the holidays, whether it consists of traveling across the country to meet with loved ones or hosting a small get-together at home. Many parents like to think of Thanksgiving as a time of wholesome, home-cooked foods. However, it’s important to remember that certain foods, drinks, and activities can impact your oral health. Today, our family dental care team will highlight some suggestions for ways that you can show your thanks with your healthy smile.

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Before your appointment, it pays to focus on healthful practices while consuming delicious foods. Today, we’ll cover a few quick tips below. When you’re ready, be sure to reach out to one of our locations for quality family dental care!

Minimize Sugary Foods

Confectionary goods are hard to ignore during the holiday season, especially if grandma breaks out her legendary baked goods. Children will likely be inundated with sweets, including leftover Halloween candy. Our pediatric dentists recommend cutting sugars out when possible to lower the damages of cavity-causing bacteria. Healthier substitutes can provide a medley of quality benefits, protecting your little one’s smile from the dangers associated with sugar. There are many options to swap out for sugar as well, including sweeteners like xylitol. Keep an eye on your family’s intake during the holidays. Doing so will help to minimize any discomfort later on!

Avoid Acidic Drinks When Possible

Adults and children alike will need to exercise caution this holiday season when it comes to their choice of beverages. Wine, cranberry juice, and other acidic drinks can all impact the protection provided by your enamel. Repeated consumption can soften the enamel, leaving the rest of the tooth vulnerable to damage and decay. Look for safer drink substitutes when possible. Again, water should be consumed in combination with any acidic drinks to minimize effects on the teeth.

Starches Can Be Bad, Too!

One aspect of your meal that can be surprisingly harmful is starch. Heavily breaded items such as stuffing, cornbread, dinner rolls, and other delicious foods are loaded with starches. After being consumed, this substance is converted into sugar, creating an ideal place for bacteria to thrive. Be mindful of this when serving the family, and be sure to bring up proper portion control.

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Avoid Bright Consumables

The holidays are the perfect time to test out an assortment of delicious treats, but keep in mind that brightly colored meals and beverages can leave a lasting effect on your enamel. Children and adults who partake in delicious treats such as cranberry sauce, wines, and even certain types of pie should be aware that these items may stain your teeth, resulting in a dull appearance that will likely not boost your confidence.

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Colorful Vegetables Are Different

While consuming plentiful amounts of food over break, your children will likely encounter a higher volume of sugar and acidic drinks. We recommend loading up on healthy vegetables and select fruits to provide nutritional fortitude, providing additional protection against cavities and tooth decay. Beyond the vitamins and minerals needed to grow strong, children can rely on fresh vegetables to assist in oral cleaning measures.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Taking time to catch up with loved ones can prove to be a very rewarding experience, but many people end up neglecting their oral health in the process. One way to help keep your family’s smiles happy is to keep everyone hydrated at all times. The saliva in your mouth works to minimize bacterial growth. As we become dehydrated, our bodies are less able to provide the cleaning and healing properties required to keep teeth strong. Dehydration can lead to a wide range of problems, so be sure everyone in your house is sipping H2O throughout the day. This will minimize the lasting damages of acids and stains while increasing whole-body health.

Schedule Your Dental Appointment Today!

After the holidays have passed, it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment with your family dentist for cleaning and service. Our pediatric dentists in Seguin, San Marcos, and Cibolo can look at your little one’s smile to inspect for any signs of concern. Our kids’ dental care services are safe, comfortable, and tailored around making patients of all ages smile.

If it has been a while since your child’s last dental appointment, or you are worried about how your little one’s smile will look after the craziness of the holiday season, Alligator Dental is here and happy to help. Our offices feature bubble walls, movie theater rooms, play areas, and a range of monthly contests and prizes to help make us your go-to fun dentist in Texas. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to make an appointment after the holiday season!