These days, sugary drinks and highly processed foods have made it difficult for families to maintain proper oral health. When it comes to young children, it is vital to ensure the proper practices and precautions are in place to prevent a range of unhealthy consequences, including cavity growth and tooth decay. You are likely on this page because you are a concerned parent, which is understandable. Luckily, there are many tools and practices available today to promote premium oral health, and our pediatric dentists in Seguin and San Marco are here and happy to help!

Alligator Dental is here to serve as a fun dentist for children of all ages across Texas. Our caring experts and comforting offices ensure that your little one will be excited about coming back for future treatments. We believe that positive experiences at the dentist as a kid are the foundation for a lifetime of proper oral care.

Today, we’ll highlight a few tools available to keep your child’s oral health up to speed. If you’re ready to learn more, or you need a dental appointment for your child, then be sure to contact us today!

Regular Brushing

The first and most effective form of achieving clean teeth is to brush twice a day. This habit should be performed after breakfast and before bed to minimize plaque buildup. From the moment your little one’s tooth erupts, it’s up to you to help them brush regularly and promote the importance of having a healthy smile.

Focus on creating the best experience for your child by following the American Dental Association’s recommendations, including approved toothbrushes, techniques and more. Be sure to find a brush that is appropriately sized for your little one, and those with more independent children should check in periodically to make sure everything is going to plan. Alligator Dental of Texas is here and available to provide tips and advice for those new to brushing. Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment!

Consistent Flossing

One common issue across the country is the struggle to floss on a regular basis. Daily flossing is essential for helping to remove plaque buildup along the gumline, where bristles normally cannot reach. It is recommended to gently floss up and down the sides of your child’s teeth, ensuring you have gone the full length of the tooth short of hurting the gums. Flossing can prove especially valuable after consuming sweets, meat, and other impactful foods.

Fluoride Treatments

Unlike our ancestors, today we have the benefit of healthy fluoride to help protect our smiles. This material helps to strengthen tooth enamel while protecting from harmful bacteria. Fluoride also helps with remineralization, which promotes proper tooth repairs before the decay can worsen.

Before you panic over the lack of fluoride in your family’s life, keep in mind that most local water sources are treated with systemic fluoride, providing a small amount of this compound for a baseline of coverage. You can elect to purchase beverages containing fluoride, including teas, dietary supplements, and more. If recommended by your pediatric dentist, your child can also benefit from the protection of speciality toothpaste and mouthwash options.

Dental Sealants

Children in need of extra protection can benefit from the comfort and convenience of dental sealants. This thin, plastic coating is applied to the chewing surface of your child’s teeth, infiltrating the pits and fissures within each tooth to keep bacteria and decay out. This treatment is fast and effective, benefiting patients with a variety of needs.

If your child is prone to cavities, suffering from decreased salivation, or shows signs of cavity growth, sealants are shown to the best protection! Alligator Dental specializes in pediatric dentistry, and we’re happy to show you how healthy and beneficial dental sealants may be for your child.

Schedule Pediatric Dental Care

All of these methods provide optimal dental care for your family, yet regardless of your overall oral health routine, you and your children are recommended by the American Dental Association to visit your local dentist every six months.

Routine inspections will help your doctor determine whether any additional services are needed to maintain the best protection. It is beneficial to schedule regular visits for your little one with our pediatric dentists in Seguin and San Marcos in order to maintain a healthy mouth, keeping an eye out for any potential problems and provide prompt treatment for areas in need. Regular dental care will help to reduce the stress associated with costly dental repairs later on in life, especially if the child is in pain or discomfort because of neglect.

Emergency Dental Services

Kids love to run and play, and this high level of activity can increase the odds of a tooth becoming chipped or broken. If your little one suffers an injury, medical attention should be the top priority, if needed. If there is no need for medical care, then Alligator Dental recommends contacting your child’s dentist right away.

Our pediatric dental teams in Seguin and San Marcos are trained to provide a complete checkup of your child’s smile, investigating the extent of damage on the tooth. We can provide the right level of treatment based on the size of the crack or fracture, and may even be able to reattach tooth fragments. Need help? Reach out to us now for immediate assistance!

Ready to Schedule?

In today’s age, we rely on old-school protection with modern techniques and materials to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience for your child. Alligator Dental of Texas is here and ready to create the most fun experience possible for young patients, tailoring our dentists’ office to provide the types of activities that engage children, including arcade games, movies, and more. We want to ensure that children of all ages are excited about coming back!

Has it been awhile since your little one came in for pediatric dental care? Now may be the time to reach out to our fun dentists for a great experience. Contact us online now to learn more!