No child likes the idea of going to the dentist. From the idea of scary drills and sounds to unfriendly dentists and uncomfortable chairs, kids often form negative opinions about their family dentist before they visit for the first time. If now is the time to schedule your little one’s first appointment, or you are in need of a new pediatric dental specialist, Alligator Dental of Texas is here to help!

Our pediatric dentists in Seguin and San Marcos proudly provide high-quality care to children of all ages, and we do so in a manner that makes going to the dentist fun! Keep reading to learn about the Alligator Dental process for new patients, and be sure to make an appointment when you’re ready!

Fill Out Our Patient Forms

You can elect to arrive a few minutes early to fill out our new patient forms, or download them online to speed up the check-in process. If you’re ready to fill out your forms, visit our new patient page to get started!

Arriving at Your First Appointment

The big day is here! If your child is nervous about their visit with one of our pediatric dentists, gently remind them that being brave now will result in bigger smiles later on. Upon entering one of our dental offices in Seguin or San Marcos, you will immediately notice how much effort is put into creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Each Alligator Dental location features bubble walls, age-specific play areas, a movie theater, working arcade, and more.

Before you arrive, it may help to understand exactly what the process for new patients entails:

  1. Check in at our desk — Our receptionist will check you in and verify all of your information. Your little one will then get their picture taken and be added to win our fun Patient Contest. Now is the perfect time for your kid to try our arcade games!
  2. Meet our New Patient Specialist — Once your child’s name is called, you’ll meet your dedicated specialist. This person can answer any questions or concerns you have throughout the appointment.
  3. Undergo initial evaluations — It helps our dental team to have a clear picture of your kid’s oral health before moving forward.
  4. Meet your pediatric dentist — One of our friendly doctors will take the time to meet you and evaluate your little one’s smile. This time will include asking questions to get to better know your child.
  5. Discuss the next steps — Prevention is our goal at Alligator Dental, which is why our dental specialists work hard to create personalized plans to best meet the needs of all of our young patients.

We strive to make the patient process fast and simple. If you have insurance questions, including questions about programs like Medicaid and Texas CHIP, our team can answer them now to help you have as much fun as your kid!

What Happens at the First Appointment?

Many parents inquire as to what their little one’s first appointment will entail. Most often, the first visit will serve as a chance for patients to meet their dentist and become comfortable with their environment. 

Our pediatric dentists are excited to meet your little one and get them excited about good oral health. Your experience at the first appointment will depend on the age of your child:

  • Infant and Little Gators (6 months – 3 years) will be brought into one of our colorful and comfortable Baby Rooms. Here, your little one will receive a “knee-to-knee” exam while they are provided with age-appropriate toys for a fun time. Our pediatric dental specialist will take this time to discuss the best plan for your child’s oral health moving forward.
  • Youth Gators (3 years – 12 years) are at a stage where one bad experience at the dentist can lead to years of anxiety. Alligator Dental offers fun movies and toys for entertainment throughout the appointment. Your little one will likely be led to our brush-up and X-ray stations for a tour and guidance of their care. From there, they will make their way to our hygiene bay for a complete evaluation and cleaning. 
  • Teen Gators (12 – 17 years) will be led to our Teen Clinic for a complete evaluation of their oral health. Your teenager will be able to read from an ebook, listen to music, and more when they choose one of our age-specific treatments. Our pediatric dentists can include your child in the discussion to ensure they take care of their smile.

Once their exam and cleaning are complete, your child will be added to our New Patient Yearbook Wall and ring the gong to signal that they did a good job. We strive to make brushing and flossing fun, and we can provide a range of incentives to reward healthy smiles.

Parental Support

Going to the dentist can cause stress for the parents as well as their children. Alligator Dental takes special pride in fully involving parents in the care of their child’s oral health. Our pediatric dentists believe that you as the parent are the front line in ensuring your kid’s smile is healthy and confident. Your child trusts you to make the right decisions and will take comfort in your support throughout the entire appointment.

We ask that all parents take part in the first appointment process, and we will work with each family to best develop a care plan that is amazingly effective and affordable. Siblings are also invited to non-restorative appointments to see just how fun and rewarding oral care can be!

Ready to Schedule Your Appointment?

We accept a range of insurance providers and can work with you to create an affordable care plan that maximizes your benefits. You can contact your insurance company to ask about our dental services, and you can reach out to our team to address any concerns.

Alligator Dental is here to serve as your trusted pediatric dentists in Seguin and San Marcos, providing professional services across Texas to help children smile with confidence. If you haven’t scheduled your child’s appointment, contact us online to get started. We look forward to meeting you and your little one!