As your kids get older, they’ll have to start doing things for themselves. You can’t be in the room every morning and night to make sure they don’t walk past their toothbrush. Instead, you have to go out of your way to make good oral hygiene a habitual part of your youngster’s daily routine. Apart from setting a good example for them, it is important to make sure that these habits and customs become ingrained so they will utilize them forever. We have mentioned a few good habits for your kids to know for their oral health, but there is an endless list of best practices that can help your children avoid things like cavities and other dental ailments. Today, we’ll take a look at some more habits and important things to cover with your kids to make their teeth, gums, and mouths stay in the best shape possible. If your children are in need of a check up or more serious dental care, call Alligator Dental to schedule an appointment for them today!

Know Familial Dental history

Family medical history can speak volumes not only for your future, but for the future of your children. From hereditary diseases to preferred sandwich toppings, countless things can run in the family. Dental history falls under the banner of medical history, so if things like cavities or gum disease are common, make sure your kids are aware. This is not meant to scare them, but instead is a way to get them thinking about the long term. It’s never easy for a child to think about how dental health can affect them in the future, but planting the seed is important. Here at Alligator Dental, we will make sure that, from your kid’s first dental visit, they are aware of the best ways to stay on top of their oral hygiene and avoid any familial predispositions or past issues.

Having a Travel Toothbrush

Sleepovers, camp, and stays at Grandma’s house are common for youngsters. When they are away from home, kids may see this as an excuse to try and break the rules, foregoing teeth cleaning and flossing before bed and sticking it to mom and dad without them ever knowing. To help prevent this as best as possible, having a travel toothbrush and other dental supplies ready for travel is a good idea. If your children are holding on to their toothbrush and toothpaste when they get to their friend’s house, they won’t have any excuse for not taking care of their nightly ritual.

Routine Times

Early in their dental health careers, rigid times and structures can be highly beneficial. Schedules are the beginnings of routines, and dental and oral hygiene is no different. If your child wakes up at 7 a.m., then they should be in the habit of brushing their teeth by 7:05 a.m. Sure, this may seem like an overbearing approach at first, but making unwavering and non-negotiable rules early on will make your children think that this part of their routine is non-negotiable, even when you are not there to tell them so. Plus, when kids’ dental care takes place at the same time every day, it can also serve as a time mark for other activities, like getting ready for school or having lights out in the next ten minutes.

Alligator Dental is Seguin and San Marcos’ premier pediatric dentist group. We pride ourselves on making the dentist a fun and exciting environment for kids, rather than something they run and hide from. If your youngster needs a teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, routine checkup, or has something more serious to get taken care of, we have you covered. Give us a call and get your youngster set up for an appointment today!