When it comes to your child’s oral health, they may have a lot of questions for you as their parents. Many parents are happy to answer these queries while others are stymied by how to respond. If your little one has begun asking a multitude of strange questions about their smile, now may be the perfect time to bring them to your local dentist for an exam and plenty of valuable information.

Alligator Dental is proud to be Texas’ premier choice for pediatric dental services, with locations in Seguin and San Marcos to help families achieve a happy and healthy outlook for their oral health. Our experienced team goes the extra mile to provide a fun, comfortable experience that helps to create a lifetime of proper care.

Before you schedule your appointment with one of our pediatric dentists, be sure to keep reading for a few interesting questions to help you and your little one be better prepared for a healthy smile.

Is enamel really the strongest substance in the human body?

Yes! Tooth enamel is the most highly mineralized substance in your body, composed primarily of hydroxyapatite. This substance provides the vital function of keeping your child’s teeth protected from bacteria and decay. While ultra-strong, enamel is also very brittle, which is why both adult and pediatric dental specialists focus on proper oral care to keep your enamel healthy.

Are extra teeth a common occurrence?

Often referred to as supernumerary teeth (ST), some individuals are equipped with one or more extra teeth. This condition is fairly rare, affecting fewer than 1 in 100 women and fewer than 4 in 100 men. In some cases, patients grow an extra tooth between the front two teeth called a Mesiodens. Others may have an extra wisdom tooth. No matter the cause, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your pediatric dentist for fast and healthy results. Extra teeth have often been considered a sign of good luck, so be sure to congratulate your little one!

Why are baby teeth so white?

While your baby’s teeth are comprised of the same materials as your adult set, you may notice that your permanents are not as opalesque as your primary teeth. This is because of the ratio of materials and how they work in tandem. Dentin is the inner layer of your teeth, and tends to stain more easily. Enamel, on the other hand, is protective and will provide a cleaner surface. In your baby’s teeth, the enamel ratio is much higher, resulting in a shiny-white appearance that cannot be matched in adulthood.

Are cavities contagious?

This is one fun question we’ve heard here at Alligator Dental. While your first answer may instinctively be “of course not!”, the truth is that the bacteria that creates cavities can be transmitted from one person to another. Streptococcus mutans is a strain of bacteria commonly associated with tooth decay, and should be focused on to keep your child’s smile healthy. We recommend avoiding transferring any of your saliva, whether it’s through the cleaning of a pacifier, the checking of a bottle’s temperature, and so on.

Does the Tooth Fairy cover the globe?

Your little one may have plenty of questions about the Tooth Fairy (especially after losing their supernumerary tooth!), including whether or not this individual provides worldwide pickup services. This may be the perfect time to highlight the beliefs of different cultures around the globe.

Children throughout Spain and Latin America, for example, believe that a mouse comes in and takes the tooth. Ratoncito Pérez, often called Perez the Mouse, has been visiting children since the end of the 1800s. In countries like Jordan and Egypt, children will throw their teeth to the sky and ask for the sun to send them a stronger, healthier tooth. No matter the place, you’re sure to have a good time explaining how the tooth collection process works!

When did brushing become popular?

For centuries, civilizations created their own methods of tooth care. It wasn’t until after World War II that Americans began to focus on achieving the highest levels of health and happiness. Toothbrushes had been available for nearly a decade at this point, but the craze of oral care took off in the late 1940s.

Did kids have to deal with cavities in ancient civilizations?

According to popular research, children of the prehistoric times did not have to deal with the pain and discomfort of cavities. Scientists attribute this to diet, as sugars and grains were not in use until many years later.

Today’s diet of sugary, processed foods has made proper oral care an essential part of living a healthy and happy life. If it’s been awhile since your child’s visit to our dentist offices in Seguin or San Marcos, Alligator Dental is here and happy to help!

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