Children are known to love sweets and hate brushing, and the notion that baby teeth aren’t important does not help the situation. Unfortunately, cavities have been rated as the most common disease among children throughout the United States. This fact can be alarming, but keep in mind that cavities are completely preventable with the proper care.

Alligator Dental is proud to help Texas children smile. For years, our pediatric dentists in Seguin and San Marcos have worked to create an ideal environment that makes dental care a positive experience for youths. We love to see healthy smiles, and will work with your little one to create a plan that delivers a lifetime of good oral health.

Today, we’ll discuss a few tips to help you create an ideal outcome for your child’s oral health, as well as the importance of sticking to a good oral healthcare routine. Check out our locations to see if we have a dentist near you!

Unhealthy Intakes

As you may have likely guessed, your little one’s choice of food and fluids can impact the health of their smile. Children who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to suffer from the negative effects of bacterial growth and cavity formation. The enamel on both primary and adult teeth provides a strong defense against cavity growth, but frequent exposure to acidic sugars can result in future problems.

Our family dentists recommend limiting how much sugar your child consumes throughout the day. You can try to substitute healthier beverages and snacks to encourage a strong, healthy smile. Even healthy options can damage your teeth. Soft drinks, juice, and other drinks can all have a harmful effect, so be sure to shop wisely!

Inadequate Brushing

Beyond heavy exposure to sugars and starches, your child’s smile can also develop issues if the proper care is not taken. Routine brushing is necessary to keep bacteria from thriving and eating away at the enamel. Alligator Dental puts a strong emphasis on proper oral care, and we can help parents to provide the proper techniques to encourage comprehensive brushing.

Hydration Helps

Water is often the key to harmony for most issues, and the same can be said for children’s oral health. Drinking enough H2O ensures that your little one is hydrated, avoiding a medley of concerns that can affect more than just the teeth. Water is also an essential tool in minimizing the damaging acids of fruit and sugary drinks. If your child does indulge in a beverage, then be sure they drink water afterwards to keep their enamel protected.

Water also helps in the long-term fight against tooth decay and cavities. Saliva helps to keep teeth safe from bacterial growth, being comprised of nearly pure water. If sugary beverages and dehydration are addressed properly, then your child will benefit from a natural form of protection.

The Importance of Proper Oral Health for Children

Tooth decay is a very common problem for children today. Unfortunately, poor oral health can lead to a number of problems for little ones that cannot eat properly. Cavities can cause a lot of formation problems, including bite problems, impacting the straightness of incoming adult teeth, causing difficulties with speech formation, and more. If left untreated, these problems can lead to infections. This information is not intended to scare parents into visiting one of our offices. We simply want Texas families to understand how beneficial a healthy smile can be.

Call Today for Complete Oral Care

Regular checkups can do much to prevent any oral health problems before they become serious concerns. Your pediatric dentist will work with you to develop a personalized care plan that creates a long-term benefit of healthy teeth. Our team has the experience, training, and equipment needed to provide comprehensive care that lasts from the first checkup into the adult years.

We are passionate about pediatric dental care, and our Seguin and San Marcos locations are available to provide a fun experience for children of all ages. Alligator Dental is known across Texas as a fun dentist for kids, including a movie theater, arcade room, and chill zone. If your little one is past due for their dental checkup, feel free to contact us today!