Why is 6 months the Magic Number for a 1st dental visit?

Dental decay can begin early, even with a child’s first tooth. If left undiagnosed and untreated, even in the earliest stages of life, it can have serious implications for a child’s long-term health and well-being. Early examination and preventative care will protect your child’s smile now and in the future.

Children with healthy teeth chew food easily, learn to speak clearly and smile with confidence. Children with tooth decay are often in pain, which affects their ability and desire to eat and their overall happiness. Young children often adapt to this pain leaving them miserable and parents unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

Parents often wonder why it is so important to take care of the baby teeth – don’t they just fall out anyway? Primary, or “baby”, teeth play an important role in helping children bite and chew food, speak clearly and form a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt. Starting regular dental care at 6 months helps to start a child (and parents) on a path to a lifetime of good dental habits. Parents can ensure their child is decay-free and pain-free, in addition to giving them the healthiest opportunity to develop and grow.

Dr. Matthew Gillham