I spoke with our staff recently to reaffirm the age old tradition of what happens if your child, or someone else’s child, gets a tooth knocked out…what do you do?

The chances of your child having their tooth knocked out are almost zero.  However, with our children being increasingly involved in various physical activities the chances of you being present when another child has a tooth knocked out is a higher possibility.  In fact this happened recently to one of our long time patients at the end of baseball practice. You can be the one to stand up and shout, “I know what to do! Dr. Al told me.  Get that tooth in cold milk now!”  If you find yourself in this situation the best thing to do is put the tooth in cold milk as soon as possible.  Even if the tooth has fallen into the dirt and is filthy, just put in milk and get to the dentist ASAP.

I am proud to announce that thanks to the quick action of some kids, coaches and parents the most recent “tooth out” experience at Alligator Dental was a success.  FAST ACTION & MILK were the key factors, and now the tooth is safely back in its place.