Sealants are a clear, plastic material that is painted onto the teeth and then hardened with a cool blue light. Once hardened, sealants help protect the grooved and pitted surfaces on teeth. They help keep chewing surfaces cavity free!

How they work:

Even the best brusher can have a tough time cleaning the tiny grooves on their teeth. Sealants ‘seal out’ food and plaque and reduce the risk of decay.

How long do they last?

If properly cared for sealants can last many years. A benefit of doing them at an early age is that a child can be protected throughout most of the cavity-prone years. Alligator Dental will check sealants at each 6-month visit to ensure they are in good shape and recommend if a re-application is necessary.

Teeth that can use sealants:

Molars benefit most from sealants. Their grooves and fissures are tough to clean out! Other teeth with grooves or fissures will also benefit from sealants.

Dr. Al Burns