One of the most common emergency questions we get from a worried parent is in regards to Shark Teeth. We love knowing that our parents are super concerned about their child’s teeth! The good news is that Shark Teeth are fairly common, and most of the time they are no big deal.

How Shark Teeth happen:

Permanent (adult) teeth usually begin to erupt (come in) between the ages of 5-7 years old. These permanent teeth typically push down on the roots of the primary (baby) teeth, which dissolves the root, making the tooth wiggly and eventually fall out. Sometimes the permanent tooth erupts behind or in front of the primary tooth so both sets of teeth are present in the child’s mouth at the same time. This causes the child to have two rows of teeth, hence the name Shark Teeth.

A concerned parent can ask themselves these questions:

1 – Is my child between 5-7 years old?

2 – Is the baby tooth starting to become loose and wiggle?

If you answered YES to both of these questions then you are probably in the clear! That permanent tooth will do exactly what it is supposed to do; the primary tooth will fall out and the permanent tooth will take its proper place in line.

If you answered NO, or the tooth is causing discomfort or failure to thrive, go ahead and give us a call. Any time a parent is concerned about their child’s dental health, give us a call! While there are standard milestones for tooth development, children tend to develop at their own rate as well. We are glad you are playing an active role in caring for your child’s teeth, and are happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment, if necessary!

Dr. Danny Le