For busy parents, it is tempting to grab a pre-packaged snack to satisfy their child’s hunger.  The bad new is many packaged snacks contain high amounts of sugar, aka carbohydrates, that cause cavities.

However, there is also GOOD NEWS!  There is a variety of delicious snacks that kids love that can keep their teeth healthy and cavity free!

Apples – High in fiber and naturally abrasive so they clean teeth while they are eaten!  The fibrous texture scrubs the teeth, gums and tongue as they are being consumed, helping fight against plaque buildup.  Keeping the skin on apples slices provides maximum health benefits from the apple.

Cheese – High in calcium, which promotes strong teeth.  Cheese also has casein which is a protein that strengthens the enamel of the tooth, thereby preventing cavities.  String cheese is a fun snack that kids love!

Nuts – Rich in protein, chewing nuts also promotes saliva production.  Saliva helps naturally clean and protect teeth from debris and acid buildup that can cause cavities.  Nuts are a healthy alternative to potato chips and other salty snacks that kids gravitate towards.

Plain Yogurt – High in calcium and also strengthens teeth.  Yogurt helps balance the acid content in the mouth, thereby preventing enamel breakdown and cavities.  Yogurt is known to keep gums healthy and also helps fight bad breath.

Happy Healthy Snacking!

Dr. Sarah Severson