Recently my wife got a new electronic spin brush.  She felt an immediate difference in her brushing and fell in love with it.  She had been using a manual tooth brush for a couple months and could feel the difference an electric spin brush was making.  This caused me to remember how great technology can be – even for your teeth!

There are BIG advantages to kids using electronic spin toothbrushes:

1 – Better Clean: Studies show spin brushes clean better because kids brush with them longer each day.  Many brands have a built-in timer that reminds kids to brush for the full 2 minutes.

2 – Easy to Use: Spin brushes are easier to use than manual brushes, that require more hand-eye coordination.  I have seen families with kids as young as 1-2 years old start to use children’s spin brushes with great success.

3 – Ease at Dental Appointments: Kids who use spin toothbrushes are often more comfortable when they come to the dental office for cleanings.  They are already used to having a spinning brush in their mouth.

There is no one brand better than another as long as your child likes what they use.  Start cheap and simple, but start early and stick with it.  You will see the little teeth in your family look better than ever!

Dr. Al Burns