Several parents become concerned that their child’s teeth appear crooked, flared or on top of each other. As children receive their adult teeth their mouth can get pretty crowded. This is especially true for pre-teens & teens!

However, there is GOOD NEWS! (Happy Dance)

Alligator Dental provides early orthodontic treatment that can help children avoid braces – or minimize the amount of correction needed. Space maintainers and appliances can be used to move teeth around creating adequate space and a straighter smile. The earlier a child is diagnosed and treated the easier it can be to correct specific conditions.


1 – Complete dental exam, including x-rays, to determine positioning and relationship to permanent teeth.

2 – A mold or impression may be made. This replica of the child’s mouth will allow the doctor to determine the treatment option and appliance that is the best fit.

3 – An appointment is made to fit the appliance to the child. Child will be monitored at intervals until sufficient correction is achieved and appliance can be removed.

Ask if early orthodontic intervention can benefit your child! 

Dr. Myriam Jourdan