amber-necklaces_1Teething is tough!!!

There are lots of teething products and aids out there.
Alligator Dental has a standard regimen that we recommend to work through the teething blues. Pain medication, teething toys and Orajel are our major lines of defense.

amber-necklaces_2However in recent years other items have come on the market. These include Amber necklaces. Do these things really work?

You may have noticed lots of little babies and toddlers walking around with necklaces made from small brown glass-like rocks – they are everywhere! They are a huge fad that has been accepted all over. The concept is that Amber has a natural medicinal purpose when it rests against the skin. I have parents with vastly different opinions on the effectiveness of Amber necklaces:

1. For: swear by Amber necklaces and say they work
2. Against: think they are a waste of money
3. Neutral: aren’t sure the necklace works but think it is a cute accessory for their child

The Facts:
There is no scientific proof that these necklaces work.

While I personally do not recommend them I can sympathize with parents who are loosing sleep and anxious to help their child find relief. In this case you can give them a try – and see how the Amber necklace works for your child.