Every profession has an organization that supports and gives them a voice. For Pediatric Dentists our organization is the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, or the AAPD.   It is separate but works in conjunction with the American Dental Association, which is one of the most powerful organized health care groups in the world. The central function of the AAPD is to provide guidelines and policies that are considered the standard for dental practice with children. Alligator Dental is a proud member of the AAPD and values the high standards set in regards to safety and ethics.

In addition to setting dental standards, the AAPD is a fun organization full of smart and dedicated people. They host catchy educational campaigns that teach children the importance of good dental hygiene. One popular campaign is called The Mouth Monsters, another is Little Teeth Truths – you may have seen some of these posted on the Alligator Dental Blog! You can check it out at alligatordental.com/blog.

To learn more about the AAPD feel free to visit AAPD.org.

Dr. Al Burns