A New Year is always a great time to re-evaluate brushing habits and ensure your kids are getting the best brush for their time!  Below are simple tips to ensure that they get a quality brush:

  1. Grip: Hold your toothbrush very lightly.  Someone should be able to swipe that toothbrush right out of your hand!
  2. Circles: Brush in gentle circles.
  3. Gums: Put half of the toothbrush on your gums and half on the tooth.
  4. Angle: Angle your brush towards the gum line.
  5. DO NOT RINSE! – The best tip is to spit but not rinse at bedtime.  This allows the vitamins from the toothpaste to strengthen teeth for a longer period of time.

Follow these tips for a healthier, happier smile!

Dr. Randi Polster