For a child the reason is obvious: a pediatric dentist office is FUN!

It is packed with child friendly colors and activities to encourage children to enjoy their visit to the dentist – and want to come back again. The doctors and staff are expert in working with children and explain things on their level, which helps with both understanding and comfort.

However, what really is the difference?

A pediatric dentist gets two additional years of school beyond that of a general dentist, focusing on pediatrics. They are trained to not only understand how to treat baby teeth and decay but also get training in child psychology, growth and development, pediatric disease, anesthesia training, orthodontics and numerous other areas.

In short – any dentist can provide the basics of dental care but choosing a pediatric dentist has numerous advantages, especially if your child has special medical circumstances. The concept is similar to choosing a pediatrician over a general doctor for your child.

At Alligator Dental we strive to provide an exceptional dental experience that is fun for your child coupled with superior care from our highly trained doctors.