One of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive at Alligator Dental is:

“Why are my child’s new permanent teeth coming in yellow?”  

This is an excellent question!  Especially for children who are around 6-7 years old and just getting their first permanent teeth.  The good news is that this is COMPLETELY NORMAL!

The reason for the yellow color is Dentin.

  • Primary (baby) teeth appear milky white.  The dentin of primary teeth is less yellow, and the dentin concentration is low.
  • Permanent (adult) teeth appear yellow.  The dentin of permanent teeth is naturally more yellow in color and dentin concentration is much higher.  Enamel in permanent teeth is also translucent, allowing the yellow to show through.

The yellow appearance is also enhanced by the fact that the first few permanent teeth are surrounded by those perfectly white primary teeth.  The contrast can make permanent teeth appear even more yellow.

This is often followed up by a second question: “Is there anything I can do to improve the color?”  The answer is No.  As long as there is not a yellow film covering your child’s teeth, nothing needs to be done.  As soon as the remaining primary teeth are lost the contrast will be gone and the permanent teeth will look perfectly normal.

Dr. Anas Hakimeh