will_it_hurt_dr_al_1A very common question is will my child need to be numbed? Will they get a shot?

We have a unique and specific way to ensure our patients who need to be numbed for a dental procedure have a pain free injection. Here is our magic formula…

1-Smurf Jelly: This special anesthetic jelly is used to numb the gums around the area of the injection. After drying the area it takes 30 seconds of application and the area is 50% numb.

2-Magic Hands: We avoid telling or showing the child the needle. In fact we distract them.

3-Shallow Depth and Strong Anesthetic: The injection barely penetrates the skin and stays in the zone of the jelly. We use a strong liquid injection anesthetic that then slowing soaks in and the magic is complete.

That is our Secret Sauce!