It’s a bit crazy to think of teens and teething – but that is exactly what happens to many teens and young adults between the ages of 17-25 when their Wisdom Teeth erupt! I’ll shed some light on those 3rd molars that occupy the darkest corners of our mouth.


Ancient humans used wisdom teeth to grind up hard foods that were difficult to digest. Since cooked meals arrived, humans have outgrown wisdom teeth and most can be removed before they erupt without any effect on a person’s natural chewing pattern.

Do I need to have wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone needs to have wisdom teeth removed. Some wisdom teeth grow perfectly into a smile without crowding or discomfort. However, most wisdom teeth need to be removed before they erupt to prevent potential crowding problems.

If there is not enough room for these teeth they may grow in sideways and push the second molars out of alignment, making them difficult to clean. Narrow spaces between overcrowded molars can become infected with bacteria, which raises the risk of periodontal disease, inflammation and decay.

When should I remove wisdom teeth?

Most people electing to remove wisdom teeth do so between the ages of 16 and 18 years old.

Does Alligator Dental remove wisdom teeth?

Doctors at Alligator Dental will screen for wisdom teeth needs during a teen’s biannual professional cleaning and exam. We then refer to several excellent oral surgeons in the area for wisdom teeth extraction.

Dr. Poonam Shah