The Alligator Dental doctors are so much fun!  We know they love to have fun too!  So we asked them which fun place they would rather live…







   Amusement Park              or                Zoo

Check out their creative answers:

Dr. Al – Definitely in a zoo.  Preferably in the monkey exhibit, in a hammock, in winter and the penguin exhibit in summer.

Dr. Anas – I’d choose the zoo if I”m allowed to stay with the elephant family to learn from their wisdom.  If not I’d stick to the amusement park.

Dr. Sarah – How about an amusement park with animals?!  I’d ride a roller coaster with a monkey and share an inner-tube on a waterslide with a sea otter!

Dr. Randi – Amusement park for sure!  To quote Despicable Me, “It’s the funnest place on earth!”

Where would you rather live?