We know the Alligator Dental doctors love a good adventure!

This week we asked them if they would rather live in Outer Space OR on a Submarine?

All agreed that outer space would be a WAY cooler place to live – and be a dentist – than under the sea!

(Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your teeth clean while floating in space?)

Dr. Sarah: If I wasn’t a dentist I would definitely be an astronaut. I mean how cool would it be to see the earth from space, spin around the stars and slide on Saturn’s rings.



Dr. Myriam thinks that floating in space would be super relaxing.



Dr. Anas: Practicing dentistry in space with a view of the earth is just super cool!




Dr. Randi agrees: Upside down dentistry without gravity sounds pretty cool to me!




Dr. Al thinks it would be fun to try to brush his teeth upside down in space.