The doctors at Alligator Dental love a good adventure!  This week we asked them:

Would You Rather???

SWIM WITH SHARKS                                            PARACHUTE FROM AN AIRPLANE


Dr. Al was the only one who thought sharks were a good swimming companion.  “Sharp teeth don’t scare me – but I even get scared standing on a ladder, so no skydiving for me!”


Dr. Anas chooses parachuting!  “I like teeth but being close to shark teeth is not my favorite hobby!”


Dr. Myriam agrees!  “I would rather parachute!  Last I heard sharks don’t fly so I wouldn’t be as scared.”


Dr. Sarah would totally pick parachuting!  “Flying through the air with the wind in my hair would be a way better thrill than swimming away from hungry sharks!”


Dr. Randi couldn’t agree more!  “Sharks, well, they scare me!  I’d rather not see THOSE teeth!”



Which would YOU rather do?